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design in program PCON PLANNER

Pcon Planner

The pCon.planner is a program for the planning of spaces and furnishings. Its high-end planning tools enable you to create complete 3D space plannings and to visualize them in photorealistic quality.

Main features
- Creation of 3D interior designs
- Access to millions of 3D models using pCon.catalog and the 3D gallery
- Compatible with different CAD data formats
(dwg, dwt, dxf, sat, sab, 3ds, skp)
- Creation of photorealistic renderings like images, videos and panoramic views

pcon planner mdd

Instruction manual for instal PconPlanner

1. - Download installation files and install programs

pcon planner ME

Pcon Update / Data Client

2. - user registration

registration form

4. - run pcon planner ME

pcon planner ME

Instruction manual for library update in PconPlanner

2. - run pcon planner ME

pcon planner 11